EKKI launches Water-Tech Centre at KPR Institutions

Pumps and Water Technology major EKKI teams up with KPR Institutions to launch ‘The EKKI-KPR International Water Technology Centre (EIWTC)’, the first of its kind in the Indian Pump & Water Industry.

The EKKI-KPR International Water Technology Centre (EIWTC) is a global Centre of excellence for pumps & water related technologies. The Centre will lead on the exchange of best practice in teaching and research for the pump industry and water related technologies. EIWTC brings together pumps and water related Research, Teaching, Consultancy, and Entrepreneurship.

Based at the KPR Institutions, the new Centre will harness the combined expertise of 45+ researchers and academicians from KPR and 40+ engineers from EKKI. The new centre will initially work on “SKE”– Skill Training, Knowledge transfer and Encourage Entrepreneurship in the water industry.

It was inaugurated by German Consul General, Karin Stoll on Friday in Coimbatore in the presence of K. P. Ramasamy, Chairman and T.N. Arun, Executive Director, KPR Groups, P. Arumugam, Chief Executive and Kanishka Arumugam, Co-CEO, EKKI Pumps, A. M. Natarajan, Chief Executive and M. Akila, Principal, KPRIET.