Rao Hospital throws light on Hysteroscopy’s advancements

Rao Hospital conducted its Annual Conference -Insight Lite 2021 on the 9th and 10th of October.

On the inaugural, Hands-on Hysteroscopy Workshop was held. It featured lectures from eminent faculties, and it was attended by 20+ Doctors from all over Tamil Nadu.

The workshop focused on strengthening the Doctors’ knowledge in Hysteroscopy and help them to deal with the rising issues in the diagnosis of inner lining problems of the uterus.

Speaking at the event, Dr. Damodar R Rao, Senior Laparoscopic & Hysteroscopic surgeon at Rao Hospital said, “With the rising menstrual complaints, it became imperative that gynaecologists have faster and best treatment methodologies. Hysteroscopy has helped the gynaecologists, to see the inner lining problems of the uterus and treat at the same time, more accurately with a less invasive method.”