Taco Bell unveils 2 new delightful offerings 

Taco Bell has introduced two new delightful offerings for its consumers with the launch of Grilled Cheese Burrito and Quesadilla.

The latest innovation offers consumers an opportunity to feel the real cheese experience they deserve at an introductory price of just INR 129 (for vegetarian variant) and INR 149 (for non-vegetarian variant).The brand’s objective behind this new launch is to provide a satisfying yet unapologetic experience for its fans with every bite of the product.

With grilled cheese on the outside and two blend cheese on the inside, the Grilled Cheese Burrito and Quesadilla are the perfect choices for a scrumptious treat. While the former is a soft tortilla roll, filled with the goodness of Taco Bell’s signature exotic ingredients such as two blend cheese, spicy ranch sauce and jalapeno rice, the latter is a soft grilled tortilla, folded with loads of cheesy goodness and creamy jalapeno sauce.

After the inaugural period ends, each product will be available on theà la carte menu, priced at INR 149(for vegetarian variant) and INR 169 (for non-vegetarian variant). They are available across all platforms – Online, Contactless Dine-in, and Take-away, with high standard safety guarantee.