PSG takes Preventive Cardiology to Next Level

PSG Hospitals is one of the few to give importance to preventive cardiology. The Department of Cardiology at PSG has been educating its patients and public about possible risk factors that could one day manifest as cardiovascular diseases.

Its Preventive Cardiology Unit started conducting public and college screening activities from 2019 with an aim to predict and prevent heart problems in youngsters.

Today, the Department took Preventive Cardiology services to the next phase by launching its comprehensive cardiac care clinic, named ‘PEARL Clinic’ in connection with World Heart Day.

This clinic focuses on prevention and early detection of cardiovascular and other lifestyle diseases by novel methods, and provides integrated and continued medical care. It was launched by L.Gopalakrishnan, Managing Trustee, PSG Institutions in the presence of Dr.J.S.Bhuvaneswaran, Director, PSG Superspeciality Hospitals, Dr.T.M SubbaRao, Principal, PSG IMS&R and Dileep Singh Yadav, DGM (B&O) State Bank of India.

PEARL Clinic & the way forward:

Dr. G. Rajendiran, Head, Department of Cardiology, PSG Hospitals said that the Department offers a lifestyle modification program called HARP, which is meant for patients who are getting treated for heart diseases.

As heart issues intensify if risk factors (unhealthy diet & poor physical activities) are not managed, the HARP team educates patients to follow plant-based diet with no calorie restriction, physically demonstrates minimal oil cooking to the caretakers of the patients, educates them about exclusive exercises, yoga and Basic Life Support programs.

The hospital felt that this should be extended to the larger population that includes people without cardiovascular diseases and those with potential for heart disease; hence it is being taken through PEARL Clinic.

The team at PEARL Clinic comprises of Cardiologist, Physiotherapists, dieticians, community medicine doctors, clinical pharmacists and medical social-work students.  In this clinic, interested patients’ blood sugar, blood pressure, body weight, cholesterol levels will be checked. Generally, when these aspects are not in their optimal level, it leads to serious heart disease risks. The team will also investigate the presence of coronary calcium, the stiffness of arteries through novel methods. All the risk factors that pave way for heart diseases will be assessed in the clinic.

If the patients are found to be at risk, apt treatment will be recommended. If the levels are not serious, methods to reduce their future risk will be counselled.

The physical fitness of the patients will also be assessed by a physiotherapist. After consulting with the cardiologists they shall give guidance to be followed by the patient for physical well-being.

Dr.Rajendiran said that the experts at PEARL Clinic will be spending individual time with the patient and provide these guidance in a customized way. And they won’t stop there, they have kept it a goal that the patients who got consultation at the clinic would be reached out, and would we asked about their progress at various intervals. A person who had obesity will be given a stipulated duration as a target and a member from the clinic will track their progress at different periods.

Those who have a family history of heart disease, high BP, Blood Sugar, obesity, high cholesterol can take consultation from this clinic. The services are offered in various packages. For more dial: 9894097730.