TNAU celebrates G.J.Mendel – Father of Genetics!

The Directorate of Centre for Plant Breeding and Genetics and Indian Society of Plant Breeders functioning at TNAU jointly organized “Mendel’s Day Celebration’, commemorating the 200th birth anniversary of Gregor Johann Mendel, fondly known as the Father of Genetics, on Thursday.

The guest speaker  M. Maheswaran, Former Director of Research, TNAU presented an elaborate lecture on “Before and After Mendel – Beyond Mendelism” in which he detailed the facts of Mendel’s findings and how it was rediscovered later. He also quoted many books and the work of other scientists during that period which was thought-provoking.

In connection with this event, competitions on Essay, Drawing, E Poster and Quiz were conducted in online mode to the UG students of twelve TNAU constituent colleges and the students of all the colleges enthusiastically participated in the competitions. The overall winner was adjudged as AC & RI, Coimbatore campus and the runner was ADAC & RI, Trichy. More than eight hundred participants including students, researchers, academicians and scientists from TNAU and other states participated in this function.

N.Kumar, Vice Chancellor, TNAU, Coimbatore lauded the efforts taken by the Centre to organize such an event that will invigorate the minds of teaching faculty and student community.