Farmers to run own parliament in Delhi till Aug.9, protest continues!

As the Monsoon session of Parliament began on Thursday, farmers who are protesting against the three new agricultural laws of the Government of India have announced that they will hold a ‘Farmers Parliament’ session till August 9 at the Jantar Mantar in Delhi as part of their struggle.

The Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) has permitted protesting farmers to hold protests at Jantar Mantar in the city from today till August 9. Security cameras at Jantar Mantar, close to Parliament, have been inspected to ensure cops can monitor the situation.

The protesters will be taken to the site in buses with police escorts. Strict observance of Covid-appropriate behaviour is to be enforced. DDMA has allowed a maximum of 200 protesters bearing identity cards at Jantar Mantar each day between 11 am and 5 pm.

Jantar Mantar is located a few hundred meters away from the Indian Parliament, and here the farmers will hold their model of parliament as a way of opposing the farm laws. Sources mentioned that the rules of the Parliamentary session will be followed here and there will be Speaker, Deputy Speaker, members debate and a break for chai as well.

Heavy police security has been deployed at the protest site to avoid anti-social elements making use of this peaceful protest. The Delhi Police has exempted Govt. from restrictions and allowed the protest.

Farmers have cautioned that MPs in the opposition have to raise their voice against the imposition of the farm laws in the Delhi Parliament, else will be criticized for their inaction.  Meanwhile, Congress MPs led by Rahul Gandhi also staged a protest against the agrarian laws in front of the Gandhi statue in the Parliament premises.