PSG IM organized Prof.GRD Endowment Lecture

PSG Institute of Management (PSG IM) here today (21.02.2018) organized Prof.GRD Endowment Lecture at PSG College of Technology.

Ambassador Dr.Deepak Vohra, Special Advisor to Prime Minister of Lesotho and Guinea-Bissau and Special Advisor, Ladakh Autonomous Hill Councils, Kargil and Leh, was the Chief Guest.

While addressing the Students Ambassador Dr.Deepak Vohra said, “New India is powered with youth. Have faith and confidence in yourselves, the country is growing very fast and this is the best time for you, the youth of the country, to prove yourselves. In 2020, India will become the youngest country in the world to have a majority of the population young. The world countries respect India mainly because of the youth population the nation has. In addition, economic powers of world countries are shifting from Europe to Asia for the first time in the last 250 years or so. Military power, political influence, exploding technology and cultural power of the Asian Countries have grown tremendously and India is the best example for it. The President of USA participating in Diwali, the festival of lights and the International Yoga day being celebrated there show that India is slowly becoming the global economic power. According to Citi Group, by 2050 India will become the largest economy in the world, with 86 Trillion GDP. The Great Nation is already there as the Super Power which we will build much stronger still in the years to come,” he said.

L.Gopalakrishnan, Managing Trustee – PSG Institutions, Dr.R.Nandagopal, Director – PSG IM, Dr. T.G.Vijaya, Professor – PSG IM, participated.