Aim and Shoot Bang on Target!

Sri Thava Thanyaa, XI Standard Student of Satchidananada, is one of the top shooters in the country waiting to secure a place in the National Team.

Every human being on the planet has an aim, but not everyone has the ability to achieve his aim. Here is a young girl named Sri Thava Thanyaa, who has plenty of talent and is determined to become eligible to be a part of the Indian Shooting Team.

Certainly, the girl has a sharp eye and sure finger to hit the bull’s eye more often with unfailing accuracy. Thanyaa, who participated in the 61st National Shooting Championship Competitions 2017 which were held in Thiruvananthaapuram, Kerala, scored enough points in 10M Peep Sight Air Rifle Junior Women Category. It gave her the chance to get into the Indian Team Selection Trials 1 & 2 held in New Delhi.

Again she proved her talent scoring enough points, but this time in 50M Prone Women Trial 1 & 2. Nothing could deter her resolve to win, though Thanyaa could practice only a couple of days before the selection trials. She succeeded in securing a place in the Nationals, which would pave way for her to cement her place in the Indian Team, if she scored well in Selection Trial 3 & 4.

“My school being far away from the city is the only reason for my limited practice, yet I’m able to perform, thanks to the motivation and support that my school and my coach offer,” said Thanyaa politely.

She is happy that Satchidananda Jothi Nikethan (SJN), her school, is planning to come up with a Rifle Shooting Range soon in the school, especially for her, to train, which would save her a lot of time and  help her improve her skills,

“Before I participate in any district or national competition, my mother would come all the way to take me to the Coimbatore Rifle Club for my practice during the weekends. But now that my school is going to have a shooting range, it will not only help me, but other students like me too to train,” said Thanyaa with relief.

When asked how she realized her talent in Rifle shooting, Thanyaa said  without any hesitation that it was  Gnanapandithan (also referred as GP), Deputy Secretary of SJN and her NCC Master Kumar  who encouraged her to pursue the sport.

“During grade nine, we went for an NCC camp at Adithya College, where I represented our school in Rifle Shooting. Although it was my second competition and I had not practiced very well for it, I won gold. Impressed with the result, GP Sir informed my parents about it and hence I started to pursue the sport in real earnest,” said Thanyaa.

Thanyaa is not only a master in Rifle Shooting but also equally good in her studies. Although she had to travel a lot, especially during her board exams in grade ten, the hard-working girl managed to score about 98% in the board exams. She praises her teachers and classmates for helping her with the lessons she had missed during the regular class.

“Whenever there is a competition, either at the district or state level, my school is always ready to give me permission to participate. I don’t have to worry about my absence from school, because my teachers and friends are always at hand to offer help. So, I’m able to manage both my studies and sport without any problem,” added Thanyaa.

“I’m grateful to my coach Venkatachapathy from Coimbatore rifle Club for insisting that I try 50M Prone, which has become my favorite now,” she said.

Those days when she had been able to practice just for two days before a competition are over. Now, even though the Coimbatore Rifle Club is under construction, she is able to practice in the Navy Range and calls it dry practice session, which involves only aiming and positioning the rifle, according to Thanyaa.

“While going to participate in Chennai South Zone competition, Venkatachalpathy Sir simply told me to do my best and there was absolutely no expectation about the results. But, surprisingly, it turned out to be an unforgettable event, as I performed well scoring good points,” exclaimed Thanyaa.

She noted that her Sir (Venkatachalapthy) lauded her performance and was effusive in his praise. She (Thanyaa) won many medals just with a day’s practice, which, gave her immense satisfaction.

Thanyaa has won Gold in Rifle Prone Junior Women, Silver in Rifle Prone Women and Bronze in Peep Sight Air Rifle Youth Women, all in the South Zone competitions which were held in Chennai.

She has also won various medals in the Chennai State Meet with Gold in Rifle Prone Junior Women, Gold in ISSF Rifle Prone Junior Women, Another Gold in Rifle Prone Women and Silver in ISSF Rifle Prone Women.

“I’m indebted to my parents for letting me follow my dreams. If it was not my parents and my school management and Kavidasan Sir, I would not have attained this much success in a short career,” said Thanyaa.

She started displaying her talent in grade nine and now she has become a national shooter in grade eleven. Credit should also go to Satchidananda Jothi Nikethan, which aims to bring out the best in their students not only in studies but also in sports.

“When I complete my schooling, I would like to continue the sport. I wish to become an IPS Officer like Kiran Bedi,” said an assertive Thanyaa.