Gentics modifications causes Cancer says Nalla G Palaniswami

‘If a transgender is born or a child is born with physical or mental disability, it is due to Genetic modifications,’ said Nalla G Palaniswami, Chairman, KMCH.

On inauguarating Genomics Center here today (15.2.2018) at Kovai Medical Center and Hospital along with MedGenome, The KMCH Chairman said that the hospital is synonymous with providing affordable and quality healthcare, on opening genomics facility we will offer advanced genomics solutions, he said.

‘Genetic modifications causes cancer, with a center like this, we can diagnose, prevent and cure deadly diseases,’ he added.

According to a release, this facility will enable researchers to find novel insights into the biology of diseases.

Additionally, it also offers genetic counselling to patients on hereditary cancers, genetic disorders, pregnancy related issues and neurological disorders, it says.

While addressing media Sam Santhosh, Chairman & Founder, MedGenome said, ‘The Center will be a focal point for providing genomics research and advanced diagnostic solutions for treatment and management of various disease,’ he said.