Why is Master Health Check Up crucial for your future?

In most cases, Age is not a factor for getting affected with diseases. We all are on the same boat as far as Covid infection is concerned. Drop our guard, and the infection is imminent for all. Like that, if we don’t remain mindful of our body’s physical health status, there are high chances that it may reflect in our quality of life in the long run.

Importance of Master Health Check Up:

“When we compare India with other foreign nations, we have more doctors dealing with specialties like Nephrology, Cardiology, etc here. Despite that in those nations, the number of patients getting serious and advanced stages of illness, or even facing complications and death is low. That is due to the fact that they take Annual Master Health Checkup very seriously,” Dr.Adityan Guhan, Director, AGs Healthcare & Master Health Checkup Centre says.

“Annual Master Health Checkup has become very essential now to have an insight about one’s health condition.  Due to rapid urbanization and lifestyle changes, many among us are in a situation to encounter health issues, some of those issues are mild while some are slow but certainly a threat to our tranquility. So by going through a scheduled master-health checkup, the complexities in one’s health and life could be avoided,” he says.

“When a person is in the early stages of a disease, for instance diabetes; and has no knowledge about that, he would be allowing it to affect his health condition till some symptoms start to occur. Only after the disease develops firm or in worst case impact an organ, the person will realize that something is not alright. Letting a disease take hold for long in the present reduces the person’s chance of living a stress-free life in the future”

“Time and Health, once lost is hard to be evened. Going for treatment after the patient has worsened his health affects the impact of treatment, and creates an unwanted financial burden also. All these could be averted if the patient had gone for a master health checkup, annually.”

Technology has improved:

“Traditionally, some tests are done in the early morning while the patient has not taken breakfast for getting the best results.  Due to technological advancements, today most master health checkup procedures could be provided within just half-a-day.  We have introduced a concept called ‘Non-Fasting master health checkup’ . For instance we have HbA1c test that could be done even in non-fasting condition. This HbA1c test will give clinicians an overall picture of what a patient’s average blood sugar levels have been over a period of weeks/months.”

“Today master health checkups and multiple consultations all have come under one roof, adding lots of convenience to people. But even after that if one fails to find time to evaluate his health then that would be an injustice he is doing to himself. I would say that one has to prioritize his health over other aspects especially over leisure activities. We must set aside at least half-a-day for ourselves.”

“Advanced digital x-ray, treadmill, ECHO, Ultra sound, Lab services and other multiple consultations have been integrated at AGs Master Health Checkup. When a patient walks in at 7.30 a.m. with empty stomach, all the tests and consultancy could be done and the patient can collect the reports by 2 p.m. We have designed our tests and procedures in a very effective and efficient functioning mode. People presume that master health checkup would be pricy/expensive. My centre will definitely change that perception.”

More than 80 patients in safe zone!:

“I was treating 285 asymptomatic covid patients of various ages who were under home quarantine. I had their health data, and for screening purpose their blood sugar’s data were analyzed using HbAIc test. To our shock 30% of the 285 patients, had diabetes with higher blood sugar levels, and 75% of these detected patients were male between ages 25-55. We were the first to detect that they had diabetes. Imagine the scenario if larger number of people in public could be screened! We conveyed this to them and they are now altering their lifestyle for a healthy future.

Be mindful of your health:

Today labs have become automated and data manipulation is impossible; the standard of evaluation has increased manifold and like me, many are in this profession to be of help to our society.  Thinking Google is Guru is not acceptable in medicine related areas. Trust your doctors and take their words seriously.

Today people between the ages 25-45 think that they are all well and good, eat junk food, practice unhealthy lifestyle, expose themselves to longer screen times, and deprive themselves of sleep. These are not going to give any pleasure in the future. I urge you all to eat healthy, do exercise for at least 30 minutes a day and rejuvenate your body. It is your health, take care of it.