SNR Trust salutes Frontline Warriors

When the pandemic reached the doorsteps of Covai, Sri Rama Krishna Hospital, which is a part of the SNR Sons Charitable Trust, was among the other few multi-speciality hospitals in the district to be at the vanguard of this war and defend its people.

In this one-year nonstop battle with the novel coronavirus, thousands of people who were affected and many few who went close to death have been successfully saved by the tireless of efforts of the hospital’s Frontline Warriors.

With the efforts taken by the hospital’s Healthcare personnel, and beneficial measures announced by the State government, Sri Ramakrishna Hospital is seeing a nice drop in the covid cases on a daily basis recently, and at this juncture it has thanked its team of frontline warriors who have contributed for the health and welfare of the people of Covai and beyond.

Respect, Faith & Hope –  D.Lakshminarayanaswamy, Managing Trustee, SNR Sons Charitable Trust

In this tough times due to the second wave of the covid pandemic, the number of cases have increased substantially over last year. I express my deep sense of appreciations and I respect the way our warriors – the doctors, nurses, paramedical staff and all our hospital staff have been working.

I am amazed to see that they are working tirelessly with extended work hours, not having any touch with their immediate family members. I wish to thank them immensely on the brave efforts and splendid results they have achieved in fighting this pandemic, and gaining respect, faith and hope.

Patients’ recovery is our sole-happiness!  – Dr.N.Loganathan, Consultant Pulmonologist, Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

It has been more than a year since we started treating patients affected by this deadly covid-19 infection. It was between June-July, 2020 that we started treating and evaluating covid positive and suspected patients. The hospital’s management and covid care team evolved a protocol how to manage these patients and where to isolate them. We had an elaborate preparation to tackle this new challenging disease.

A significant number of our doctors, hospital staff, paramedical staff, staff nurses and supportive staff were actively involved in covid-management. Depending on the flow of patients, the number of doctors and covid-designated staff were added. With our best efforts we have had very good treatment outcome and were able to give more than 90-95% cure rate since the first wave; including the moderate and severe disease patients with respiratory failure also. Even the patients requiring long term care did very well.

As the covid-19 disease was new, it was challenging to find its characteristics, how it impacts patients, their organs and what kind of treatment strategy could be implemented. The presentation of the disease was new as it came with atypical manifestation, and at that time the treatment algorithm for covid-19 was evolving.
While in the first wave, the requirement of oxygen utilization facilities, ICU beds, oxygen beds were less and there was no bigger crisis for these, it was different in the second wave.

When there was an outbreak in 2020, we had a national lockdown and that was instrumental in limiting the transmission. The burden over the medical infrastructure was less in the first wave. In second wave, there was a paradigm shift as the young population started getting affected, the severity of the disease was high, the need for oxygen beds and ICU care were high, children & antenatal mothers got affected.

But Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, Coimbatore was well prepared to handle covid cases in this second wave too. Allocating our healthcare facilities occurred quick and we responded faster to the needs of patients. The flow of patients was the only major challenge. Here the government’s direction in treating covid patients were very clear. They gave guidelines where to treat these patients, and where to treat the serious ones. The number of hospitals involved in handling covid was also high compared with the previous wave. This was an added strength in treating the patients this time.

Today, we are seeing a decrease in the number of positive patients across the district, and also in our hospital. I would say that this has been the result of a very good team work. From management level to housekeeping team, everyone needs to be thanked for the exemplary work and contribution they have made in managing this pandemic. Our Doctors, nurses, paramedical team, laboratory staff, diagnostic service, public relations department, technical staff, pharmacy team, sanitation workers and so many others need to be thanked.

I express my sincere gratitude to the hospital management, medical and non-medical staff. The success in treating covid patients is being reflected in the feedback they give when they get discharged. They are very happy. When the patient improves and goes home, who else can be the happiest if not us!

But there should not be any early celebrations from any side. We are not seeing a total victory, yet. In a few weeks, many other lockdown restrictions could be lifted, and when that is announced people should be cautious when they move out. Standard covid norms should be followed as per Government advice. There is a prediction that a third wave could occur in the near future if we don’t follow it. We have an already well-planned covid management algorithm if a serious third wave arises.