Gaming relieves work stress – Study reassures!

India’s gaming community is displaying a growing preference for PC gaming, according to a study conducted by HP. The HP India Gaming Landscape Report 2021 has revealed that 89% respondents believe that a PC offers a better gaming experience than a smartphone. More importantly, 4 in 10 (37%) mobile gamers indicated that they would migrate to a PC for gaming, for a much better experience.

In total, 1,500 respondents completed the survey between March and April 2021, across 25 Metros, Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities across India. Interviews were conducted with a mix of male (72%) and female (28%) respondents between the ages of 15-40 years, representing SEC A1, A2 and B1 segments. All respondents were PC and/or mobile phone users, comprising action and adventure games on PCs and smartphones.

Another finding from Report is the rise of PC gaming as a stress buster and a tool to connect with friends and family, especially during the prevalent challenge of limited social interaction.

Over 92% respondents agreed that gaming helps relieve work / study pressure while reducing stress and inducing positive feelings. In addition, 91% believe that gaming fosters better peer-level socialising and helps make new friends. Similarly, 91% respondents also believe that gaming boosts attention and concentration levels.  Better processing speed, display and sound are amongst the top reasons for gamers to migrate to PC gaming.