Sleepcon 2017 held at PSG Institute of Management

Sleepcon 2017, Annual International conference of Indian sleep disorders association was held recently at PSG IMS & R auditorium.
This year PSG hospitals organised the conference at Coimbatore for the first time. Dr. Palani G.Periasamy, Chairman of PGP group of companies & Le Meridian Hotels, Chennai & Coimbatore was the chief guest. Nearly 250 delegates including faculties, specialists from various departments of medicine, Post Graduate and Graduate students, Research Scholars from National and International level took part in this conference.
Dr.N.Ramakrishnan, Chairperson and Dr.RM.PL.Ramanathan, organizing secretary of the Conference addressed the media ahead of the conference.
“Sleep medicine is a relatively new field and this conference is held to spread awareness among the public about the various complications including heartattack, stroke and high BP caused due to sleep disorders”, Dr.Ramakrishnan said.
A short film competition for students was also held and the winners were given awards and cash prizes during the inaugural event.