Robotic surgery has many advantages

“While performing a surgery using robotic arms, the surgeon experiences several advantages one of them being the robotic arms have the capabilities of rotating 360 degrees. Where the laparoscopic instruments cannot reach, the instruments used in the robotic procedure can reach. Also a robotic procedure offers the surgeon, a ten time magnified view of the particular body part that is being operated.

This gives the surgeon a clear picture of the structure including the nerves, blood vessels and tissues. This also goes a long way in helping the surgeon operate upon the damaged and cancerous tissues and preserve the normal tissues of the patient.

These are a few advantages of the robotic surgery over laparoscopic surgery.” shares Dr. A. Ganesan, Specialist in laparoscopic, gastrointestinal, Oncology and Bariatric surgeon, Kovai Medical Center and Hospital (KMCH).

Dr. A. Ganesan to his credit has performed hundreds of laparoscopic procedures and over two dozen robotic procedures. He shares his experiences when performing surgeries in the pelvic region like, oesophagus surgery, pancreatic surgery and surgery in the stomach or liver, robotic procedure has distinct advantage over laparoscopy.

He clarifies us that in a robotic procedure, the surgeon is not replaced by the robot. “It is the surgeon who still performs the surgery and in the robotic procedure, the robotic arms are controlled by the surgeon who physically sits in a console. The surgeon does not have to touch the patient. Instead the robotic arms replicate the hand movements of the surgeon and each and every millimetre moment of the robotic arms are controlled by the surgeon.

However the surgeon is the one who is operating on the patient, the robotic arms do not have the capability of moving independently.” Dr. A Ganesan said.

Dr. A Ganesan advices patients to opt for the robotic surgery as the outcome of a robotic surgery is much superior when compared to that of a laparoscopic procedure. At the same time, this procedure is a minimally invasive procedure that involves the patient to go through less pain, quicker recovery, minimal or no scar.

Patients who have taken advantage of the robotic procedure have experienced a shorter stay at the hospital and such patients have gone back to their routine faster too. In terms of cost, currently, KMCH charges patients who opt for robotic procedure on par with laparoscopic procedure.

Dr. A. Ganesan’s face lights up with a broad smile when he shares with us the recent happening of having successfully performed the robotic procedures on two patients, the one he regards  quite challenging.

“Both patients were in their 70s and for one of them cancer in the rectum was removed through robotic procedure and for the second patient, again we performed the robotic procedure to remove cancer in the oesophagus.” Dr. A. Ganesan said.

Dr. A.GANESAN sees patients between 8 am and 5 pm.

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