A Book is the Best Companion for Success

P.Govindharajan. M.L., M.phil (Youth welfare)
DIG, Prison (redt…)


For generations human experience is the guiding force to reach new heights in all fields, which is otherwise known as knowledge, that’s why we say ‘ Knowledge is Power’. We acquire Knowledge through personal experience, by observing, by hearing, through reading books or by electronic media.

Books are capsules of experience gained by great people and given to the future generation for the betterment of the society at large. Reading inspiring stories definitely motivate one self and sow the seeds of positive thinking to perform well and succeed.

Christopher Morley says “there are three ingredients in the good life, learning, earning and yearning” The power of inspiring quotations cannot be under estimated because every quotation is the essence of long experience and deep thinking.

Scientist Robert H. Godard was fascinated by the scientific fiction written by H.G.Wellsand Godard’s “Dream comes into reality” when he proved the use of liquid fuel in rocket engine. He said “Yesterday’s Dream, Today’s Hope, Tomorrow’s Reality”. He made this statement in the year 1919 that it is possible to reach moon through multi-stage rockets became a reality in the year 1969 by the landing of ‘Lunar Module’.

Indian scientist P.C. Ray was influenced by the biography of Benjamin Franklin. Ray‘s vision to produce chemicals at affordable cost became a common man’s convenience when he started the ‘Bengal chemicals and pharmaceuticals works. His book ‘The History of Hindu Chemistry‘earned him fame.

A gold smith’s son, at the age of 14 worked in bookbinding shop, interested in reading books written by scientists and at the age of 37 invented Electric motor, he is none other than Michel Faraday.

Books written by great people not only changed the life of individuals but also changed the thinking of the entire world and brought revolution in world history.

Here are some tips given by eminent personalities how to select books for your personal library.

* First decide your area of interest or the subject on which you like to enrich your knowledge

* Prepare a list of authors who write on a particular subject and select from it after consultation with someone who is well versed on the subject.

* Depending on the resource and the availability of space you can plan for your personal library

* Choose a correct self or rack for logical arrangement of books with the help of a person who knows library science.

* Believe money spent on books is investment for the future; you are building something special for the coming generation.

Always remember the quotable quote by Francis Bacon “Some books should be tasted some devoured but only a few should be chewed and digested thoroughly”

Carrying a good book is like a garden in your pocket!!!