You can become an Angel that helps the poor through ‘Angel Next Door!’ 

An Indian-Australian initiative, Angel Next Door is an online crowd-sourcing help application that was developed in Australia, and now launched in India to help Indians find information about resources like oxygen, plasma, ICU Beds that are available less in this crisis caused by the second wave.

At this point in time, anyone with information about resources from just food to oxygen cylinders is valuable to someone who does not have that. This online platform can help people get connected with others and seek the help they need.

Though this platform is getting available in 30 Indian cities, the creators want the community to grow, and more Indians to become help-givers and help-takers.

The Website ID is ‘’ Anyone with the info or resources and heart to help can register to give or get help. The platform will connect the user with a genuine helper but ultimately it is up to the user to accept or deny help.

Looking at the website, you can find that already many people with needs like food, medicines, oxygen beds, ICU beds have posted it online, and are hoping to get leads. The success of this platform is in the hands of society.

If it grows, a digital community that can provide care for its people can grow at a quick pace. People who don’t have resources but leads can also give leads/information.  The website also notifies the help seeker about the status of their request.

Speaking to Times Now, Aamir Qutub, Creator of Angel Next Door said this is a not-for-profit organization, and so far 30,000 volunteers have come forward to help in India and 45,000 people have received help till now. He said if the government could support them, endorse them, if people could spread the word, it would be of great help for many in India.