SRPTC develops Hybrid vehicle for the differently-abled

Six students of Sri Ramakrishna Polytechnic College (SRPTC) have conceptualized and developed a dual power Hybrid Vehicle for differently-abled people, recently.

Students of Automobile Engineering (III year) V.Subramanian, C.R.Mithun, M.Pranesh, P.Shree Hari, C.Srikanth and G.I.Mohammed Shuaib came up with the concept, and it was guided by Prof.Anthony Pratheesh, HoD, Automobile Engineering.

The vehicle’s left rear tire runs with the fuel-powered engine and the right rear tyre runs is powered by a separate hub-motor and battery. When the fuel runs out, the vehicle will get powered by the battery and motor, so that the operator can reach a nearby fuel station without any worries.

College’s Principal R.N.Uma, Vice Principal T.Gopalakrishnan, and HoD Anthony appreciated the students for going beyond their curriculum and addressing the social issues.