Shri P. K. Das Memorial Best Faculty Award & Life Time Achievement Award 2017

Touching Hearts And Lives

“Be someone’s SUNSHINE when their skies are grey” shows the heart of a person who believed in being blessed to be blessing to the underprivileged and the needy.

Nehru Group of Institutions under the dynamic leadership of Adv. Dr. P. Krishnadas, Managing Trustee and Dr. P. Krishnakumar, CEO & Secretary have successfully carried out this humble, deep and generous desire of their father Late P. K. Das for the ninth consecutive year with a special event on the 15th of December, 2017 marked to celebrate the birthday of the founder mentor.

Founder’s Day saw the Nehru Group of Institutions organizing this one-of-a-kind event of “Best Faculty Award” to recognize, honour and appreciate the hard work, dedication, focus and efforts of the faculty from the neighbouring colleges in the states of Tamilnadu, Pondicherry and Kerala to take education to the next level.

Going further, the institutions after casting a critical eye over 1500 applicants who sent in their resumes and credentials for the prestigious award, under the mentorship of Dr. B. Ilango, Chief Jury, Former Vice Chancellor, Bharathiar University, selected 19 candidates for the category of “Best Faculty Award” and one candidate for the category “Lifetime Achievement Award”.

The unbiased selection was not only based on the academic achievements of the pedagogues but also their desire to reach the unreached and underprivileged students and individuals in rural areas, helping them realize their dreams and aspirations.

The event started off with the “Tamil Thai Vazhthu” sung by the students of Nehru College, followed by the welcome address by Dr. B. Anirudhan, Principal of the Nehru Arts & Science College, who applauded the professors for their contribution not only to the field of education but also to the well-being of the community.

Adv.Dr.P.Krishnadas, Managing Trustee of Nehru Group of Institutions presided over the function. In his address to all the dignitaries, participants and audience present at the event, he spoke about India emerging gradually and steadfastly as a country churning out job creators and entrepreneurs rather than jobseekers thus redefining the entire global education system.

He put forth his vision and mission to make leaders of the aspiring students by empowering and imparting them with the best of theory, practical knowledge and developing their talents that would help them realize their dreams thus making them a force to reckon with in the new millennium.

He concluded his address by saying, “Life is short and the passion is big” and expressed his desire to re-generate and re-engineer the structure theory of the education system sooner or later. He thanked and congratulated the pedagogues for being the role models and mentors of the young minds of the country and also the people of Tamilnadu for their contribution, dedication and belief in bringing changes in the Indian education system.

Dr. Amrutha, Director of Nehru School of Architecture, introduced the distinguished Chief Guest, Dr. Paula Banerjee, Vice Chancellor, the Sanskrit College and University, University of Calcutta, honouring and applauding her endeavours and achievements in the field of Education.

In her speech to the attendees of the event, she started, with expressing her regret in being fortunate to meet the founder mentor Late P. K. Das. On her being applauded for her honesty in the field of Education, she has made known the fact that honesty is a virtue that forms an integral part of every individual that should be seen in their work throughout their life.

She appreciated and applauded Adv. Dr. P. Krishnadas, Managing Trustee and Dr. P. Krishnakumar, CEO & Secretary of Nehru Group of Institutions for shouldering the responsibility and keeping the oil in the lamp burning of the dream that the founder mentor Late P. K. Das had envisioned for the young minds of the country.  She expressed her gratitude to the faculty in striving hard to raise the level of education by their sincere, dedicated and determined approach to bring about a sea of change in the education system as a whole.

She emphasised on the importance of research and for India to be self-sufficient rather than being dependent on global help. She gave the example of two famous universities of India, Nalanda and Dakshsheela, for the exemplary guidance and mentorship programs to the needs of learners of South Asia comparing NGI to such famous Universities. She also reiterated the fact that faculty in India should hone their skills and talents and raise their competency level, thus competing with the global standards and needs.

The release of the first draft of the Nehru Group of Institutions’ Newsletter was followed by a brief address by Dr. B. Illango, Chief Jury, Former Vice Chancellor, Bharathiar University, who emphasised the necessity of the young minds receiving indepth training in honing their communication skills along with a practical approach in learning the subject matter of their respective fields of education.

He applauded Dr. K. Porsezian, Pondicherry University for his efforts in coming up with equations that would help overcome the effects and challenges left behind by the striking of the deadly catastrophe of Tsunami.

Last but not the least, the dynamic Dr. P. Krishnakumar, CEO & Secretary of Nehru Group of Institutions, opened the eyes of all those present to the beautiful fact of being a blessing to others thus raising up the standard of GIVING than living by lending a hand of help and hope to those whose hard work and abilities go unrecognized and unseen.

He said the “Best Faculty Award” not only bestowed honor to the deserving faculty but also made them responsible in taking the level of education a step further. Furthermore, it encouraged and motivated his college pedagogues to strive harder and make a mark in the lives and hearts of the young minds and society as a whole. The desire to reach out to every deserving faculty throughout the country was next on the agenda of the innumerable events planned for the year 2018. He expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the dignitaries, faculty awardees and their families, organizers, and each one present who made this event a memorable one.

The ceremony closed with the National Anthem with many of the faculty awardees expressing their joy, surprise and gratitude to Nehru Group of Institutions in recognizing and honouring their work.