Well-connected Alumni is a Wealth to Society! – proves PSG Tech 1978 Batch.

The collegiate period is a fantastic time where a youth learns his strength and ventures ahead to make his mark. PSG Tech, an engineering college par excellence that is known for producing very successful students who have went on to become brilliant entrepreneurs,  ace academicians, peerless professionals and powerful public servants, has a strong and well-connected alumni network.

Fellowship of the Batch:

It was interesting to learn that the Alumni of PSG Tech belonging to the 1978 Batch have kept their long-standing friendship green and good for all these times. Ragunanthan,  a member of this alumni batch shared that since the announcement of the first lockdown in March, 2020 the ’78 batch alumni have been organizing weekly virtual meeting on Sundays for one-and-a half hours in which one alumnus/alumnae or a guest speaker takes a special topic and illuminates the alumni on that area.

The topics are of very interesting choices that includes, physical health, mental wellbeing, technology, engineering, energy field, adventures, Music, Quiz, Astrology, Academics, Old age,  Nature, Industry etc.

The virtual connection that started on March 29, 2020 crossed the 50th meet mark on March 7, 2021. The alumni used the virtual platform to also host pattimandram, connect with each other on special days like Diwali and Republic Day and made their bond even stronger.

While words that diminished one’s energy was often found everywhere during the harsher phases of COVID-19 pandemic, the words of positivity during these meetings, have really given signs of hopes to these seniors.

The Act of Kindness:

Out of this reunion, a few benevolent acts had blossomed. One of them is the construction of 5 houses for the Leprosy affected patients of Vimal Jeevan Shanthi Welfare Association, near Maruthamalai at the cost of Rs. 3.5 lakh+

The 5 houses were opened by the current President of PSG Tech Alumni Association  D.Nandakumar. He also gave away the Diwali clothes and rice bags to the patients that were provided by Vergal (A charity organization) This entire operation was co-ordinated by Prof.K.Manoharan, who is an alumnus of the 1978 batch.

The batchmates also came together to bear the 3-months dialysis expenses (Rs.75,000) at PSG Hospital for a poor patient named Jothi from Mathampatty. She sells Tender Coconut.

Another member of this alumni batch, Gopalsamy donated a 43″  Smart TV to destitute children home at Kalappanaicken palayam, worth Rs 30,000 and various kitchen utensils for a children’s home Nizalgal at TVS Nagar worth of Rs. 25,000.

These are a few of the good deeds that have emerged out of the unity of the alumni of this batch.

The Message:

Doing good deeds is possible by associating with one’s alumni association. The acts of these senior alumni is an example of that. The more the association grows, the more value it can add to itself, its alma mater and to the community.