Comfortable & Classy wear for Moms & Moms-to-be from PUTCHI!

Pregnancy and Motherhood are the biggest gifts for newly married women, no doubt about that. It is obviously the most-challenging and most-rewarding point of time for women… But at the same time, it is certainly not the most comfortable period for them.

Managing the emotional and physical high & low is a huge challenge during the pregnancy period, and men can never understand but only witness it.  At such times, comfortable clothing tailored exclusively for pregnant women and new mothers could bring them a great sense of relief.

Mr. & Mrs. Thiyagarajan’s ‘Putchi Fashions Ltd’ is involved in making such exclusive clothes here in Coimbatore.  Bringing their best ideas, designs and inspiration together and using the power of E-Commerce, ‘Putchi’, in a short span of time, has become a reliable name among mothers and mother-to-be in the elite circles of Coimbatore for offering comfortable and classy maternity wears.

Within their first anniversary, Putchi became a successful e-tailer, selling its products not just in Coimbatore but to US, UK, UAE and many other countries.

The Covai Mail met the Founders of Putchi, Thiyagarajan and Deepika Thiyagarajan, to know more on how it all began for them. It was really interesting to note that great things at Putchi had such humble beginnings. Read On…

Birth of the Brand:

During her pregnancy, Deepika found that the maternity wears that were available then were not comfortable, and she enquired her pregnant friends what’s the solution they had found to this small hiccup.

To her surprise, majority of them said that they were going for their own tailor-made maternity wear. Noticing that modern era mothers and mothers-to-be have very limited choices when it comes to maternity wear, after her child Abimanyu’s birth, Deepika decided to make her own line of such special outfits for women that would provide them comfort, gentle touch and reliability.

You would be amazed to know how much was the initial investment that Deepika and her husband had poured to start this venture. More on that later.

Even though Deepika and Thiyagarajan are neophytes in the textile area, they set their goals straight and took the plunge. The design and manufacturing area became hers while the business and marketing area became his. When the brand needed a catchy name, the couple gave the endearing name that they had given to their kid – Putchi !    

Comfort and Class:

While the maternity wear that is often recommended to pregnant or new moms is Nightie, Deepika found most new generation women don’t like to wear that for some reasons. “Today’s women want some loose gown that gives them home comfort and yet they don’t prefer if it is a fitted clothing. So we introduced Kaftans, a free gown that gives great comfort”. Deepika added that their material is 100% cotton, and their kaftans are of free size, so women of all body sizes can certainly go for it.

A very good news for women looking for Putchi’s maternity wear is that these Kaftans come with nursing options.  Thiyagarajan shared that only a very few brands in India offer Kaftans with feeding option.

He added that the fabric that they use is sourced from local weavers. Once the fabric is obtained, Putchi’s experts remove the chemical and dye from the fabric which otherwise could be harsh to the moms and moms-to-be. It is made to be really soft and stretchable so that it gives an unmatched comfort to the woman wearing it.

Did you know that Putchi’s Kaftans could be worn even after the delivery period? Yes, it is designed in such a way that women can still use it when they move on with their daily works at home.

Going Beyond Maternity Wear:

When a product is much needed in today’s world, whosoever offers it with the finest quality and makes it gain momentum via effective marketing gets the love from consumers.

Putchi has now evolved to become a Family brand – there are very nice collections for kids and men, apart from other outfits for women. If you are looking to find a classy shirt for the men in your home, Putchi has something cool to offer including patterned, striped, printed and checked shirts.

The packaging of the products itself will show you the value for money that Putchi’s products stand to offer. The packaging is eco-friendly, made of high-quality Gada cloth that is made as sleeves that can be re-used for other packing purposes. The courier covers are made of plant-based water-soluble materials. Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness is always ensured here.  Such a measure cannot be so easily found in any other E-tailers.

The brand became a hit in Coimbatore, majorly by the word-of-the-mouth. Its products are now shipped to US, UK, UAE, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Sri Lanka on a weekly basis.

In 1 year, Putchi grew stupendously but the success came after lots of efforts, trials & error and enormous endeavor.


The Message to Entrepreneurial Couples:

Now to that earlier paused question; the initial investment made by Mr. and Mrs.Thiyagarajan towards their venture was just Rs. 20,000.  From that petty sum, the duo created a fashion brand in a year.

“Dream Big. Never Hesitate to ask for Help”, that is what Thiyagarajan said to us when we asked for a special tip to entrepreneurial couples. Deepika Thiyagarajan said “ Husband and Wife is a great combo. When partners in life turn into partners in business, it certainly becomes a great combination.”

She said that as partners they will learn to share and celebrate together. Even the little joyful things will boost each other up. The unity, sharing of thoughts and most of all the trust they share with each other really lifts life and the dreams together.



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