The Origami Concept School – Newness in School Education

The entire idea behind Education is to make man Knowledgeable, Skilled and Humane. Losing focus on one in pursuit of other two actually messes up with the outcome of education but it takes a long time to notice that.

Academicians have a major responsibility to see to that the system of education they provide gives a harmonious blend of the three. When such tutoring is provided, it is sure to produce individuals who would truly be an asset to society.

The Origami Concept School is an upcoming brand new institution from The PNP Educational Trust, Coimbatore that runs National Model Schools in Coimbatore and Kotagiri. This new school is built on a 50,000 sq.ft area in Avinashi Road area, and it is coming with a very different approach in almost every aspect of school education.

By speaking to P. Mohan Chandar, Correspondent, National Model Schools, The Covai Mail gained a lot of insight into what this new institution has got to offer to the children.

What is with the name ‘Origami’?

Origami is the art of folding paper. The practitioner does not cut or glue the paper, instead fold it and turn it into beautiful artwork. Like that, we will mould our students without causing them any strain or pain, and make them good citizens first.

Forcing them to memorize a concept or pushing them hard to score more marks is not going to be our operating method. Our school will groom students in academic area but will always be with them as a guiding hand to develop what they are interested in, when they are here.

What is the syllabus that’ll be followed here?

This is a Co-Educational school that will follow the International General Certificate of Secondary Education Syllabus. The faculty will all be trained in Cambridge System, International Board and also be ones trained from Finland Academic Companies.

Today many students wish to directly pursue their UG programs in foreign universities. Completing school education with an International syllabus is mandatory to realize that dream. IGCSE is recognized by many European Universities and it could open doors to students who have completed their school education in this syllabus. 

Where do you differ as a teaching institute?

I was in Finland three years ago. The system they follow there is really valuable. The Origami Concept School is built with Finnish Consultancy. On the infrastructure area, you can find our school to be very modern, air-conditioned, smart-board enabled, well-furnished.

The window-glasses are specially made to reduce external noise to a great limit, the room temperature will be set at 24 degree Celsius, making it very comfortable for the students. I could tell you more about this, but I would like to highlight our teaching method here.

Two teachers will be present in a classroom that has not more than 25 students. The students will be taught based on their learning capacity. They will not be confined to learn within an area. Grouped learning is encouraged, where special attention is given to students who exhibit slow learning skills.

The interactive panels that is provided in every classroom will facilitate easy comprehension of even the complex structures in Science.  The internet connection will be available within the classroom, and the teacher could make use of it to illustrate concepts at ease and the students can easily take that in. Here, every child will be given undivided attention.

We value a student’s love for extra-curricular. We live in a time where parents are learning to encourage their child’s passion. We at The Origami Concept School are of that same idea. We want them to excel in whatever field they are passionate about.

We don’t push students to only dream of becoming a Doctor or an Engineer. There are other equally rewarding opportunities in which a child’s area of interest basically lies. We will guide them towards that.

How do you plan to make the students better individuals?

We avoid preparing students from the exam-point of view. We want to make them good learners and most of all, make them good human beings. All classrooms will have mini-libraries inside. Every child will be given a book according to their age at the weekend, which can be completed in a short while. There will be comics in the library. Reading will become an essential and enjoyable classroom activity here at The Origami Concept School.

We will be promoting reading habit from a young age. Just an hour of reading can have a very positive impact on a student. This will create a love to learn something new in them. When Reading and learning becomes a habit, it eventually becomes a way of life for the child. After that, teachers just play the role of facilitators.