CODISSIA takes export-related issue to Central Govt.

Learning that the unusual delay in issuing export-related certificates by the concerned authority is adversely affecting trade and export operations, CODISSIA has appealed to the Central Minister of Commerce and Industry, Piyush Goyal to examine this issue and give solutions.

A press release from CODISSIA said that India has trade agreements with several countries, and when those countries import products from India, they would receive duty concessions on the imports when they produce Concessional Duty Certificates.

The Export Inspection Agency in India is the authority that issues these certificates. CODISSIA said that it had learned through its MSME member industries of Coimbatore region that in the recent days, there is an undue delay in issuance of these concessional duty certificates without any valid reason.

This is causing inordinate delays for exporters in submitting the required documents to the importer. The association underlined that the reasons for this delay appears to be deliberate in nature and not in line with supporting exporters in any way.

Due to the delay in getting the certificate, the fund flow is getting upset and equally the total realization is not remunerative for effecting exports.

Hence, CODISSIA has requested Minister Piyush Goyal to look over this issue and see that Certificate of Origin (CoO) is facilitated, or else it will affect exports, particularly at a time, when exporters are facing logistic challenges.