Meet the Fintech company that enables smooth cross-border business operations 

Technologies of today have created firm and reliable bridges for businesses, so that they can conduct their operation in foreign shores, and they have really super-charged the pace at which business transaction takes place. US- based financial services company like Payoneer and others like it are the enablers of these changes in the world of business.

Payoneer organized an online press conference on Wednesday to share its learnings in cross border payments & convey how it is helping Indian businesses. It was very fascinating to note that over 4 lakh Indian small and medium businesses and individual freelancers are using the solutions provided by Payoneer to receive payments from global marketplaces and international clients.

With built for India solutions like Automated FIRC documentation, International VAT payments and many more, Payoneer is enabling Indian businesses to reach over 200 countries and do business in over 150 currencies. Digital businesses from India, especially Ecommerce Sellers, Freelancers and the likes of IT services providers using Payoneer grew their business multifold in the past 4 years.

Rohit Kulkarni, the fin-tech company’s Vice President, shared via a press note that the company has seen an incremental adoption of freelancing as a long-term career and virtual mode of working has gained greater prominence, especially during and post the lockdown. The company said that freelancers from Tamil Nadu have been at the forefront and have matched the national growth rates. Freelancer transaction volumes from Tamil Nadu surpassed 18% in this period. IT services clusters in Coimbatore saw the fastest jump in IT outsourcing volumes in Tamil Nadu.