2nd edition of Quality Conclave organized by CPC held

As a part of World Quality Day Celebration, the Coimbatore Productivity Council (CPC) and Quality Circle Forum of India (QCFI) jointly organized the 2nd edition of the ‘Quality Conclave’ at COINDIA Hall today (22.11.2017).

The WQD was inaugurated in 2008 and it takes place every year on the second Thursday of November across nations. With the completion of the 10th year recently, CPC and QCFI arranged the conclave for the benefit of the industrialists and students of the region with the theme ‘Quality culture for global competitiveness and customer delight’.

“Quality, without which survival, let alone progress, is not possible, starts at the production,” A.M. Natarajan, President, CPC said at the inauguration of the conclave. “The current world is highly competitive. So, more than customer satisfaction you need customer delight these days,’ he said.

“Japan always stands out in quality, which is a reflection of its culture. Doing it right the first time and right on time is their mantra,” J. Mohanasundari, President, QCFI said.

According to QCFI’s President, without quality there is no productivity and without productivity there can be no progress, according to her. “When the five M’s Man, Machine, Material, Method, and Measure are good then the production and the services of the product will satisfy the customers,” said Mohanasundari.

India has been ranked 40th most competitive economy according to World Economic Forum’s global competitiveness index. “In addition to taking our nation forward we should concentrate more on quality. Though a country like China produces more in terms of volume, it is the quality that will speak in the end,” she said calling it as her success formula.

“Everything in life starts from home. If an individual or the owner is good at producing a quality product or component, his home will reflect the quality he produces,” S. Kuppusamy, President, COINDIA said during his special address. “It is impossible to survive without quality. We can easily rate a company by looking at its office or bay or even by the way the house keeping is done,” he added.

“Quality is not a mere word, but part and parcel of life,” Dr. Kavidasan, Director HR, Roots Group of Companies said. “If the graduates of yesterday stops learning today, he will be like an uneducated man tomorrow. The world has changed rapidly. Back in those days it required 30 years for a change to get accepted. But, now, changes occur every 3 years,” added Kavidasan in his key note address.