Granlund Tools AB relies on an ELGi EG Series

Elgi Equipments Limited, one of the world’s leading air compressor manufacturers, is delighted to announce that Granlund Tools AB a leading manufacturer of precision tools, relies on an ELGi EG37 VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) screw air compressor to meet their critical, 24/7 compressed air needs at their production plants.

Roger Scherberg, Head of Production, of Granlund Tools AB said “Reliability, energy efficiency and low noise were critical decision factors for us while selecting a new air compressor for our production needs. Our 24/7 manufacturing processes require reliable compressed air to operate and create high quality and cost-efficient tooling solutions for industries across the globe. The EG37 VFD has met all our expectations since April 2020.”

“The unit, together with its extended warranty and the expertise of the regional ELGi Channel Partner Segelborgs industries service AB, offers peace of mind allowing us to focus on delivering on our customers’ needs.”  “We have significantly improved working conditions on the shop floor for our colleagues, by replacing our old and rather noisy compressor, with ELGi’s EG Series. Higher efficiency and lower energy consumption also contribute to lowering our carbon footprint. All in all, a very sound business decision on our part.”