Can’t get exemption for NEET like Jallikattu

– Health Minister Dr.C. Vijayabaskar tells DMK Chief M.K.Stalin

On Tuesday, DMK President M.K.Stalin raised the topic of NEET in the Tamil Nadu Assembly for discussion. During the argument, TN Health Minister Dr.C.Vijayabaskar stated that the State Government is taking legal steps to get exemption from the NEET exam for students.

The Health Minister pointed out DMK’s recent statement in which they have said that in 8 months  they will get exemption from NEET. He asked the DMK members to tell the way to achieve that end at the Assembly, and the TN Government is ready to take that measure rightaway.

As a way of answering the Minister’s question, M.K.Stalin stressed that just like how a special bill was passed in the TN Assembly, the Government should give enough pressure to the Central Government to pass a special legislature to get exemption for NEET.

Dr.C.Vijayabaskar said that such an exemption cannot be received for NEET because it is connected with the whole of India whereas Jallikattu is a State-based matter. He assured in the assembly that even if there is a minute-possibility to get exemption for NEET, the Tamil Nadu Government will get it.