Breastfeeding benefits both Mother & Child !

Since 1992, World Breastfeeding Week is observed every year between August 1 and August 7 to promote breastfeeding around the world.Global entities like UNICEF, World Health Organization and Government bodies in a country, Private organizations and hospitals spread awareness about breastfeeding during this week.

Rao Hospital, a pioneer in Women & Children’s health services in Coimbatore hosted an awareness talk on importance of breastfeeding on Wednesday (5.8.2020). Dr.Krishnasamy, Consultant-Pediatrician, Rao Hospital spoke about the importance of breastfeeding via Facebook Live.

“Parents, especially mothers should get used to a baby’s cries because that is its only language. Babies cry at night if they pass urine, motion, feel hungry or need comforting.

Feeding baby at night is actually good for it. The hormone Prolactin (which causes milk to be made after a baby is born) secretes more at night. So mothers can nurse well at night times too.  Mothers need not worry if the baby’s stomach is not visibly full. It is not a necessity that it should appear so.

Breastfeeding mothers should take a balanced diet, eat food that are rich in protein and fat. They should drink adequate water – 4/5 liters of water a day is advised. Jeera Water is good. Soaking Fengreek seeds overnight and drinking the water next day morning will help the body of mother in many ways.

Nursing mothers should take legumes, peas, beans, greens (spinach), nuts – badam, pistachios and walnuts.  Non-vegetarians can find abundant protein content in meat. Your baby has got accustomed to what you eat while it was in your womb, so you can take the food you want but take them moderately.

Breastfeeding is must for initial 6 months and nothing else should be given. After that moms can begin complimentary feeding (Additional foods beside breast milk). Children can be breastfed for 2 years and beyond.

Breast milk can help the baby defend from cancer. When babies suck mother’s breasts, their muscles in mouth area develops and it also helps in their dental alignment. Mothers burn between 500-600 calories a day while they breastfeed. Their chances of getting affected by breast cancer is lowered because of breastfeeding.Breast-milk contains an antibody called IGA. It gives a great boost to the baby’s immune system and protects it from allergies and asthma. No artificial supplement can equate this natural content in Breast milk.

Working mothers should make use of maternity leaves. Breast milk could be pumped using a breast pump and be kept in room temperature for 4 hours. They can be refrigerated. Mothers should make no excuse and explore options to feed their baby without fail.”