13th Graduation Day at Kongunadu Arts & Science College

Kongunadu Arts and Science College held its 13th Graduation Day on 15.2.2020.

Dr.C.A.Vasuki, Secretary & Director, KASC presided over the event. Dr.M.Lekeshmanaswamy, Principal, KASC declared the Graduation Day open.

Prof.Dr.P.Kaliraj, Vice Chancellor, Bharathiar University delivered the graduation day address and gave away the degrees.

Dr.C.A.Vasuki in her presidential address congratulated the graduates who are in the transformational moment of their life in which they will evolve from being a student into a professional.

She stated that Kongunadu Arts and Science College is continuously striving to amalgamate the system of education with wholesome character by adhering to the principles of Swami Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi Ji.

She wished the students to be critical thinkers and possess a collaborative spirit and be effective communicators.
She wanted them to be agile and have the mindset to adapt to changes.

India is the country with youth as its majority in population, and she said the youth are the greatest assest this country possess.

She invited them all to take part in nation-building and lend support to the Prime Minister’s vision to bring a clean nation that is free from poverty, corruption, communalism and terrorism.

She expressed belief in the New Educational Policy, claiming that it will resolve the unresolved issues in education.

In his address to Students, The VC of Bharathiar University advised the graduates and the student community to continuously learn and upgrade themselves as a change is coming in the collegiate education.

He said the Bharathiar university will be changing its curriculum in the next 3 to 4 months.

He also said that soon the Univ. will unveil the Credit Transfer System within the affiliated colleges under BU. This will enable the students from other institutes to visit another institute, and learn from the expert teachers The syllabus will also aim to cater to the needs of Industry and make the graduates of the univ., employable.

The VC also wished that the faculty under BU go for a global exposure. He cautioned the students that what is learned today goes obsolete after 10 years, so he cautioned them to keep themselves up to date.

Underlining the immense contributions that Kongunadu Arts and Science College is doing to educate and empower women students and youth from the poorer part of Coimbatore, he felt proud of Dr. M.Aruchami, President and appreciated Dr.C.A.Vasuki, Secretary & Director, KASC.

He congratulated the graduates and wished them to be bold enough to survive changes.He gave away 1077 UG Certificates and 312 PG Certificates to the graduates.