GEM Hospital performs the First Robotic Pancreatic Cancer Surgery in India

54 years Chellammal of Namakkal with pancreatic cancer was successfully treated by robotic Whipple operation recently. Patients say, no pain, walking just like any other simple surgery. Discharged on 5th postoperative day. This is the first robotic Whipple operation for carcinoma head of pancreas in India. Generally pancreatic cancer operation is the most complex operation; only experts are doing pancreatic cancer operation. Due to lack of expertise majority are doing open method with wide abdominal incision, resulting higher wound related problems such as infection, wound gapping, hernia etc. Pancreatic Duct leak occurs in more than 15 percent and 5 % mortality.

Wound related problems are reduced significantly reduced in key hole Laparoscopic pancreatic surgery. Magnification and better vision enable reduced pancreatic duct leak to less than 5 %. GEM hospital has the distinction of performing the world first Laparoscopic Whipple operation in 1998. Since then more than 320 Laparoscopic pancreatic cancer resection has been successfully performed at GEM hospital. First International summit on Laparoscopic pancreatic resection held at Coimbatore experts from more than 35 countries participated.

Further to improve the cure rate robotic surgery was recently launched at GEM hospital by Governor of Tamilnadu VidyasagarRao. Magnification combined with 3 D enhanced vision enable perfect pancreatic anastomosis resulting very low pancreatic duct leakage. S I Robotic Da Vinci with ICG flourscene first in India enable mapping the lymphatic and vascular cancer spread enhances the radical clearance. Newer energy systems provide high precision in cancer clearance blood less manner. Increased dexterity even difficult cancer operations are made easy by robotic system. Pain is less and hospital stay is shorter. 20 robotic cancer surgeries for Esophagus, Stomach, rectum, intestine, liver, kidney and uterus have been done successfully in last two months. Robotic instruments costs more than laparoscopic surgery. GEM medical trust and Vattikutti foundation of America supports free robotic surgery for under Priviledge cancer patients.

Patient from Jarkahnt had large kidney tumor weighing more than 1.5 kg was successfully removed by robotic surgery. Patient Srilanka also treated by robotic rectal cancer resection. 26 years aged from Bangalore was having tumor at the junction of Esophagus and Stomach Tumor was treated by robotic resection. Higher recurrence after open cancer surgery was a problem. Due to altered immune system. Blood transfusion also has found to reduce immune status. Robotic surgery is bloodless no need for transfusion coupled with key hole system recurrence is minimized.