KMCH & City Cops join hands to make New Year Celebrations safe

When it comes to New Year Celebrations, Reckless Bike riding is one of the known ways for the youth, especially boys to engage in.

A sizeable number of avoidable accidents take place due to such harsh driving. To prevent that from happening, Coimbatore City Police have joined hands with KMCH, Coimbatore’s leading Multi-specialty Hospital and have created monitoring booths in 25+ key locations in the city to watch out for reckless driving incidents and stop the drivers from creating accidents.

The drivers driving under influences woulf be detained in the booth while reckless drivers will be halted and counselled. Ambulances have been kept in key areas in case any trauma accidents (caused mostly due to driving under intoxication)occurs.

Along with that a small New Year celebration was arranged for the tireless cops of our city. Balaji Saravanan, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Law and Order,Coimbatore cut the cake and celebrated with the cops in duty at Annasilai Monitoring booth placed by KMCH team and cops