We have Rs 102 lakh crore worth project compilation – Finance Minister

India under the Narendra Modi Government is aspiring to be a 5 Trillion USD Economy. Prime Minister Modi on his 2019 Independence Day speech had mentioned about Rs.100 Lakhs Crores of Infrastructure Investment for the next five years, and also a Task Force was formed so that the Infrastructure Projects belonging across the board to various sectors and Ministries and States had to be identified.

Very quickly in one of Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s  August-September announcements she had suggested that the moment the projects are ready the ministry will be quite happy to frontload a large chunk of this investment commitment.

On the final day of 2019, she announced that in 4 months, the Task Force have come with Rs.102 Lakh crores worth of projects for the Rs.100 Lakh crore worth of projects. The Task Force in just 4 months held 70 different stakeholders’ consultation which were with Ministries, State Govt., Infrastructure Companies, Developers, Bankers, NBFCs and with PE Players and Industry Associations.

70 different meetings were held in the course of the four months and for the Rs.100 Lakhs crores commitments, today the government has Rs.102 Lakh crore worth of project. Projects are coming in and in the next couple of weeks, another Rs.3 lakhs crore worth of projects from states will be added.

The Following Information was obtained from Press Information Bureau (PIB) : PIB said Nearly Rs 25 lakh crore energy projects lined up under NIP; Nearly Rs 20 lakh crore road and nearly Rs 14 lakh crore railway projects lined up under NIP; Private sector to share a 22-25% of NIP investments, Centre and States the rest.

Rs 2.5 lakh crore port and airport projects, Rs 3.2 lakh crore digital infra projects identified, Rs 16 lakh crore irrigation, rural, agri and food processing projects identified Rs 16 lakh crore+ on  infra projects including mobility projects.