Citizen’s Voice on Public Exam for 5th Std kids

Citizen’s Voice Club of Coimbatore has brought before the eyes of public and the Government anxiety expressed by the parents of young kids of the elementary School regarding holding of Public Examination to the 5th Std. students in Tamil Nadu. It has the collected the various views expressed by the parents and school managements.

“It is a welcome step that these students will have a common question paper for all subjects in the entire state. These innocent children have to be taken to another school for writing the exam. They now have to be trained to write their names on the answer paper sheets to answers   hear new teachers reading out the question paper and write for 2.30 hrs. It is humbly requested that it could be modified so that the children who are just 9 or 10 yrs old and their parents are not subjected to this stress and hardship.

It is better to cancel exam for 5th std. Or if that is not possible, have it in their respective schools itself to avoid unnecessary stress and The Education Secretary, Govt. of Tamil Nadu, Chennai

The teachers can allow to help them write their names on the answer sheets.  Also exams should be completed by April 10th at least. They don’t need study holidays in between, since their portions are very limited. If the students write their examinations in a different school other than the home school, new different environment will affect the students psychologically and will affect their mind set.  Hence in the same school with an external invigilator will boost the courage of the students, while performing the model public examination.

Also if all the children are going to be promoted, the necessity for these exams should be rethought off.”