IRAD Project to aid in lowering road accidents

The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways is in the process of implementing ‘Integrated Road Accident Database Project (IRAD)’ which will be applicable across the country.

The Ministry has decided to take up the project with funding from World Bank. The main objective of this project is on-site collection of accident data through app-based software and analyze data for identification of black spots and other accident prone areas.

789 black spots have been identified based on accidents/fatality from year 2011 to 2014.  A total of 660 black spots are on the stretches of National Highways (NHs) and 129 black spots are under State Government. 395 black spots have already been rectified and 215 black spots are at implementation stage on stretches of NHs.

This project draws support from IT based system for capturing the spot accident data using mobile app and tablets configured for this purpose. This data can then be utilized for various purposes like finding the causes of the accidents and remedial measures to improve the road infrastructure, to record the accidents data for the use of police, health services and other concerned departments.