Richness of Indian Literature reflected by Vidhya Niketan students

20 aesthetic performance from a variety of Indian literature works like R.K.Narayan’s ‘Swami  and Friends’, Sarojini Naidu’s ‘Palanquin Bearers’, Tagore’s ‘Rabindra Sangeeth’, Sekkizhar’s ‘Periya Puranam’, ‘Kutrala Kuravanji’, ‘Panchatantra’, ‘Queendom of Pandharpur’ and lot more were meticulously performed  by the students of Vidhya Niketan  Schools (Public & Matric) on 30.11.2019 during their Annual Day Celebrations.

The celebration was held in PSG CAS Auditorium. The Chief Guest on the occasion was Vignesh Chaitanya, Centre In-Charge, Chinmaya Mission, Coimbatore and Actor S.Ve.Shekhar was the Guest of Honor.

The 20 performances which were 4 hours long was an assortment of play, skit, dance and dance-drama. The students were given training for these performances by experts in theatre art, in addition to the teachers.

Crediting the success of the program to the efforts of several people, Principal of Vidhya Niketan Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Sujatha Ravi, made a special mention of theatre artist and actor Yog Japee from Chennai who trained the students for the Panchatantra and Queendom of Pandharpur Plays. She was also highly appreciative of the members of the Nimmirvu Kalaiyagam, Parai Music School, who imparted Parai beating skills to the students.