UP Govt in plans to rechristen Agra

It seems that the Government of Uttar Pradesh is keen on rechristening the name of iconic places in its jurisdiction. On Monday 18.11.2019 several reports from the media stated that the Yogi Adityananth govt is in plans to change Agra’s name to its claimed original name Agravan.

UP Government has changed Allahabad’s name as Prayagraj and Faizabad’s district as Ayodhya earlier and now it has asked the  Department of History, Ambedhkar University in Agra to analyze how and when the name Agra came into existence.

“We have received a letter from the state government to look for historical evidence if Agra city was known by any other name. We have begun the research and will reply to the letter,” Prof Sugam Anand, head of the department was quoted as saying by news agency IANS.

If the name –change takes place, it might not go well with the tourists as the current name is well-known among tourists and changing it might bring confusion. This perspective is put forward by some tourism trade experts.