5th Graduation Day at Nehru College

Nehru Institute of Technology has bagged 7 University Ranks in the Anna University Examinations.   In all 278 under Graduate and Post Graduate students were awarded with the degrees of Anna University.

5th Graduation Day ceremony was solemnized in Nehru Institute of Technology on 30.07.2017 at NIT, Visweswara Seminar Hall. The Function began with the Academic Procession of the Principal, Chief Guest, Managing Trustee, Secretary and the HoDs.

P. KRISHNAKUMAR, CEO & Secretary, Nehru Group of Institutions, in his felicitation address, congratulated the Graduates. He emphasized that the students must be trained in relevance with the real need of the hour. He also highlighted the values which enhances students’ to empower themselves in all walks of life.

He insisted the importance of Academic Enrichment of Students and they must exhibit it for the benefit of the Society. He emphasized that the students must be trained in accordance with the requirements of the Industry and the needs of the Society.  He also highlighted that the Higher Education system should mould the students to elevate them in the Pinnacle of Success.

 Dr N. RAJKUMAR, Principal, Nehru Institute of Technology welcomed the Graduates. In addition he expressed his vision for the future and stressed the students to envisage the growth through their sincere efforts towards the societal development.

Dr. V. RAMACHANDRAN, Professor, Dept. of Information Science and Technology, Anna University, Chennai was the Chief Guest. In his inaugural address, I deem it a matter of great privilege and honor to participate the fifth Graduation Day of Nehru Institute of Technology in Coimbatore. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the entire Institute’s family for inviting me as the Chief Guest on this premier Graduation day. I am very pleased to be here to join you in celebrating this wonderful occasion.

I admire the natural beauty of the Institute’s location and I wish, the Institute should become a landmark in the state.

I foresee that Nehru Institute of Technology, being a technical Institute, will play significant role in filling the industrial gap (if any!!!) in Coimbatore, by bringing industries, corporate sectors and technocrats from other parts our country for its societal growth and upliftment. Hope it will certainly develop entrepreneurs and produce well equipped engineers and be a frontier in the technical world.

Well, Hope the Institute, admittedly is doing appreciably well in catering to educational needs of the students in this district and in the neighboring districts. I wish the institute, a remarkable enlightment centre of education for one and many, in the years to come. I believe the students from this district as well as from the neighboring districts should take the advantage of this Institute in nurturing human possibilities. I wish this Institute to grow and succeed in all its efforts and reach the greatest heights with the development of its own and the student’s society.

The real strength of the Institute is in its high standards of teaching and top quality research. This can be achieved only by dedication, discipline and determination shown by the student, Faculty and the administration consistently on their work.

In this commencement address, I congratulate all fellow graduates on your completion of education here. You should be very proud of yourselves for accomplishing this goal. Seeing all of you today, looking lively and energetic, I wish to remind you that this is a big moment for all the graduates. I know you all must be excited to get your certificates on your hands and enter a new world. I earnestly hope that you will make the best use of your potentials and server others. Keep in mind that “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Graduation is one of those steps in life that defines a coming of age – the ending of one era of life, as a student and moving on to a new stage in which you are a leader, a doer and an achiever in the wider world. You are going to commence a new chapter in your life. First you have to set clear goals and let social welfare take priority. Second, fellow students, your attitude determines your altitude. I don’t want to give advice to do big things but think about the idea of doing the small things in a big way instead of hard work do smart work. It’s a good way to live your life and it means a lot of different things to different people. May be doing small things in a big way means giving that extra hundred rupees a month to a charity.  Your actions today and tomorrow, big or small, have an impact. So be kind, say please and thank you, and hold the door.

Your character is formed by challenges you face and overcome. Your courage grows when you face fears. Your strength and your faith are built up as they are tested in your life experiences. I believe that each one of us possesses our own distinctive qualities and potentials.

Technical laws are mostly based on factual propositions; success however needs one more propositions that is moralandetical. The lack of any one could invalidate the engineer. It has been observed that in any engineering organization, the chief obstacle to the success of individual engineer is personal and administrative nature rather than a technical nature. Success depends so largely upon personality, native ability, and vigorous, intelligent prosecution of any job.

As a graduate and take on new challenges, the important thing is, you have already taken the initial steps needed to build a more promising future for you, your family and your community. You have worked hard, spending months learning new skill sets. You are now armed with one of the most important tools needed to forge your path ahead. It is not the degree itself that counts- it is about about what you have learnt along the way and what you do with the education you have received in your journey to graduation today. You are going to advance in life by what you are going to learn after you leave here. Education does not stop after you graduate. Education and wisdom acquisition is a moral duty. It is not just something you do to advance in life. It is a moral duty because it is only through continuous learning that you can add value to the vast knowledge of mankind.

Today you have achieved and qualified. All along the way you had the wonderful support of your families and encouragement and help of your teachers. So then fellow and graduates I would like, you to join me in saying how much we appreciate all those who have helped make this day possible. To the families of those graduating and earning certifications, congratulations to you and you should know that your support through this process made an enormous impact. I am sure you are very pound of your graduates as they close this portion of their lives and prepare for their next steps into a new career. Finally, I would like to wish fellow graduates, well in the future and the satisfaction of knowing that whatever they do, they will do it well.

At this exact moment, you are all worried about what you are going to do. But don’t worry about that stuff. Figure out, instead, who you’re going to be, the rest will follow. Your life is already a miracle of chance waiting for you to shape its destiny. Once again, I congratulate you all on your success most sincerely and wish every one of you with immense opportunities, hard work and an extremely satisfying and successful career.