Drinking Water First; Infrastructure and Metro rail Next

Ravi Sam, Managing Director of Adwaith Textiles Ltd. and Adwaith Steels Ltd Coimbatore is one of the main environmentalists of Coimbatore who initiated “Siruthuli”. He is very much concerned about the lack of awareness among the public about conserving water and the need to find ways of harvesting rain water. It is annoying to see people taking more interest in popular TV programs and spending more time discussing it in the social media. Such an attitude among the elderly will have a hung impact on the gowning children, who must be taught the importance of retaining our natural environment as much as our tradition and culture. We must not fall prey to the encroachment of such western programs in our daily lives.

Human life is under a great threat. We think that we have a tomorrow but we must remember that it cannot be taken for granted. People often think that it is the responsibility of the government. But in reality, it is the responsibility of every individual, Ravi Sam feels. Jallikattu issue was so much in the lime light all around Tamil Nadu for the sake of saving Tamil culture and heritage. But, unfortunately, water seems to be less important. We brought every individual to the road to fight for Tamil pride. But, why are we not fighting for Water, the very source of life on the planet? If you want to survive you need food, if you want food you need agriculture. If you want agriculture you need rain. At the end of the day we need water, it is the elixir of life, he added.

Farmers have lost the source of their livelihood and are dying in droves. The eco system has collapsed. The land is dead because there is no water for cultivation. Bore-well has killed everything. “Without a healthy land and soil how will a farmer do agriculture?”, fumes Ravi Sam. Farmers find themselves in a precarious situation. They can neither sell their land nor continue to do agriculture. It is cruel to have the farmers who feed society in such a pitiable state.


We have done enough research on saving water. Now it’s time to execute a master plan. Government is talking about metro, infrastructure for the city but that’s not the need of the hour. Water is our primary need and we need to do something to bring water, and quickly too. It saddens me that we are still fighting for the most basic need of humanity. If the government and the individuals in society take the responsibility, industrialists like me would start minding our business focusing on productive things that would help for the development of our nation.

He also remembers an instance stating “I happened to cross some of the districts of Tamil Nadu recently where I could witness only one dry agricultural land. It was heart-breaking to come across such disastrous scenes, totally bereft of greenery”. Conservation of water has to be given the utmost importance. A one-minute video about the importance of rain water harvesting will create a great impact on people’s minds. But, unfortunately, no television channel has the social responsibility to allot a time slot for social awareness videos. Even if someone does one, money will play a huge amount of money will be required for its telecast. He also added that these days planting trees has become a ritual.

The state government has to take essential measures in reforming TASMAC shops. The number of TASMAC shops might be far too many, but they have successfully kept low-quality liquor at bay and the atmosphere has to be changed. The current political scenario is static. We don’t have a proper leader to guide. We are craving for true leader, it could be anyone. Even if Rajini Kanth is ready to enter politics it would be a good move but, I personally feel that he is not serious. It is an unfamiliar territory and he is constantly testing the waters, without the guts to plunge into it.

But I wouldn’t mind an actor getting into Politics. In the end, we need someone who can uplift the society and the life of the common man. Our former President and the great scientist Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam wanted us to plant trees to save the environment. But, it is blindly followed as a ritual. Planting a single tree on his birthday will not make any change, he said.

“We don’t want green field airport and metro. Our first and foremost priority is to bring water to the city. I’m ready to join hands with people who really have the thirst to bring water to the city.

It’s time for us to join hands in finding a solution rather than blaming one another. Let’s save the culture and the harmony of the city by saving water” noted Ravi Sam.

– Vignesh manthri,

Photos: Balaji Remy