CMA discusses about Hospitals of the Future

Coimbatore Management Association hosted it latest edition of Monday Musings – A weekly Thought Leadership Talk on Current Topics on 16.9.2019.

The guest speaker of the event was U. K. Ananthapadmanaban, Director, Tenxhealth Technologies Pvt Ltd. His speech was on the topic “Building smart lean and green hospitals of the future”. His speech’s gist stated that Disruptive innovations in Internet of things (IoT), wireless communications, cloud computing and big data analytics during the last decade have completely transformed the healthcare delivery system in large modern hospitals around the world.

The integration of Internet of things and Wireless communications with the newer technologies like real time location tracking systems (RTLS), artificial intelligence, voice recognition, virtual reality and pneumatics have turned the
digital hospitals from being smart hospitals to intelligent hospitals. It has helped hospitals to immensely improve their quality, safety and the cost effectiveness of healthcare services provided to the patients. He spoke more about his topic in detail.