PSG IMSR hosts Kovaicon 2019 – Doctors join together to strengthen Primary Healthcare

The nation is marching towards the objective of becoming a 5 Trillion USD Economy. The key to that wealth remains in the health of all the citizens who equally contribute to the nation’s GDP.

The Government of India is also focused on Universal Health Coverage which focuses on Health Care that is affordable, Accessible , Available and acceptable for All.Today there is a strong need to upgrade the practices and perspectives in the health care sector as a majority of Indians depend on the tertiary level Hospitals for their treatment, whether it is a simple headache or major health issue.

If the personnel who practice health care in primary level could enhance their perspective, upgrade their ideas and methods; the rural and the economic- level average Indian would certainly start to step in to the Primary Health Care Hospitals.To give impetus to that objective, IAPSM-TN Chapter organised – Kovaicon 2019- the 2nd Annual State Conference between 6.9.19 and 7.9.19 in PSG IMSR.

The theme is aptly titled “Strengthening Primary Health Care”. The aim is that the care given to community level should be as effective as the one’s given in higher level Hospitals.The inaugural took place at the PSG IMSR Auditorium. Dr.Abraham Joseph, Former Professor & Head, Dept of Community Medicine, CMC Vellore was the Chief Guest. The office bearers of IAPSM TN Chapter – Sathyasekaran, President, Priya Senthil, Secretary, Aanaiyappan, Treasurer and Suresh, President Elect attended.

The conference was attended by Doctors, Post Grads belonging to the field Community Medicine across Tamil Nadu. The conference acted as the platform to connect with doctors and share ideas, recent updates and best practices that could be taken up in all the Primary Health Care Hospitals in TN.Dr.S.L.Ravishankar, Organising Chairman of Kovaicon 19 and Professor & Head, Dept of Community Medicine PSG IMSR welcomed the gathering.

Dr.Ramalingam, Dean, PSG IMSR, in his Special Address,  said there has been a rise in the number of tertiary hospitals at present most of which has pharmaceuticals and Medical Device manufacturers as their prime stakeholders. He said “Unless we strengthen Primary Health care, people will flock in Tertiary Hospitals”

The Chief Guest raised questions about why even after 70 years of Independence the medical fraternity in India has not strengthened the primary healthcare and is still talking about ‘strengthening’.He said the Medical Council of India in 1956 itself has stated that every medical college must have a Primary Health Care Program and it also mentioned in 1978 that every med-college should have 3 Primary Health Care centers under them. The students have an obligation to visit the centers “I dont know if most medical colleges follow it”, he opined.

He urged the teaching medical faculties of community medicine to step in the field along with the students. He recommended that medical colleges and faculty take up a multi-professional learning approach, instead of just the community medicine students focusing on the patients at primary level. He said medical work is a team work and the team that studies together, works together.

8 lectures and 35 poster presentations which detailed about the theme were presented. Several Oral Presentations were rendered by doctors of illustrious career in the field of community medicine. Dr.P.Arun, Organizing Secretary of Kovaicon 19, Asst. Prof, Dept of Community Medicine, PSG IMSR proposed the Vote of Thanks.