First International Robotic Surgery Live Workshop on Gastrointestinal Cancer & Uterus

GEM hospital celebrates silver Jubilee year of minimal access cancer surgery by holding first international robotic live surgery 28-30 July. Higher morbidity and poor survival were the result when open cancer surgery was in practice. Minimally invasive Laparoscopic cancer resection avoiding long incision, morbidity is low and higher radical resection could be performed with higher magnification and better illumination. Undisturbed immunity resulted reduced in recurrence and enhanced survival. Government of Japan has increased the renumeration for minimally invasive cancer surgery almost 100℅ more. started Laparoscopic rectal cancer resection first time in India 1993 Dr. C.Palanivelu and his team made every cancer operation of Gastrointestinal organs by minimally invasive approach. Many innovative operations had won over 24 international awards. Minimally invasive esopagectomy for cancer Esophagus and lap Whipple for cancer pancreas considered world best as standard operation st double as the patients get benefit low morbidity and enhanced survival. Robotic surgery has further enhanced precision of minimally invasive cancer surgery. Not only macroscopic tumor is removed, even microscopic spread a identifiable by cybernetic image guided ICG fluorescence. Complete cancer clearance has become reality and achieved higher cure rate.


GEM Hospital a World renowned dedicated Gastroenterology center is celebrating silver year of minimally invasive cancer surgery by holding the first Indian international robotic congress and live workshop 28-30 July 2017. Theme of the workshop is setting the standard for various minimally invasive cancer resection. First day live surgery on cancer of liver and pancreas, day two, Esophagus and stomach and day three, colon rectum and uterus. 15 operations have been planned to perform of demonstrations at GEM hospital and shown live at Le Meridian through exclusively laid 3D transmission system. Also entire live surgeries will be telecated online globally. Eminent robotic surgeons Prof. Gotlieb, USA. Prof. CN.Tang, Hongkong, Prof. Choi, Korea, Prof. Liu Rong, China is participating in this workshop. As part of the sever jubilee celebration underprivileged cancer patients suffering from Esophagus, Stomach, Liver, Pancreas, Uterus cancer will be treated totally free of cost for the next 12 months. To avail the benefit to contact Phone: 0422-2325100, 9003392929, Mail-id: GEM hospital every Saturday 2.00-4.00 pm.

Today (28.7.2017) Live Robotic Choledoctal cyst excision surgery performed by Dr. C. Palanivelu from GEM Hospital. Live Robotic Spleen Preserving distal pancreatectomy was performed by Dr. C. N. Tang from Hung Kong Live robotic whipple’s procedure was performed by Dr. Liu Rong from china.