Society for Smart E-Mobility Launched in Coimbatore

With increasing concern over air pollution in our cities due to expanding vehicle base, there is an urgent need to look at better ways to manage the situation. 14 out of 20 highly polluted cities in the world are in India. In addition, the population in the cities is rapidly growing. We are in a state to managing the pollution we also need an efficient means of mobility solutions. Thanks to the recent development in battery technologies and electric mobility technologies which come in handy to solve the pollution problem.

Along with electric we also need to make use of smart technologies like connected, automated and shared solutions to cater to the increasing mobility need by our future society. Government of India has already taken some right measures to promote electric mobility with the introduction of FAME policy and NITI AAYOG has come out with the road map for phased transition of future mobility in the country.

But however we are still lacking the technology advantage in this area compared to countries like China. To enable the sustainable future mobility we need to quickly develop technology and products specific to the environment condition in India and we also need to focus on promotion of tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 industries in this sector along with rapid and competency development.

To address this cause and to promote development of technologies and products in EV sector, a new forum namely SOCIETY FOR SMART E-MOBILITY – SSEM has been formed in Coimbatore by like minded Industries, institutions and professionals working in this sector.

The idea was conceived by Manikandan, Head of Engineering, E- Mobility, Robert Bosch, Mohan Managing Director, Sunsil Engineers,  Vasantharaj, Director, Kumaraguru College of Technology and Dr. Chandrasekar, Corporate Director, Roots Group of Companies. They four lead the founding Executive Committee of the forum.

This initiative is supported by the following founding patrons:  K.Ramasamy, Chairman, Roots Group of Companies; J. Anand, Managing Director, Jayem Automotives Pvt. Ltd, Shankar Vanavarayar, President, Kumaraguru Institutions, Hemalatha Annamalai, CEO, Ampere Vehicles Private Limited and Gaur Dattatreya, Sr. Vice President – Mobility Solutions, Robert Bosch India.

As Coimbatore has a well-developed ecosystem for motor manufacturing, auto components development, research Institutions and for entrepreneurship development, Coimbatore has the possibility to emerge as a strong component supplier base. As few electric vehicle OEMS established already in Coimbatore, there is a good possibility to develop the city as E-Mobility hub of the country.

Recent announcement of FAME  II policy by the Central Government will provide boost for indigenization of electric vehicles and components. This new forum has got industries, Engineering Institutions,  technocrats and students as its members.