Jewel One brings affordable platinum jewelry to Covai

Jewel One, the retail arm of Emerald Group launched a new collection of platinum jewelry called Zoe on 15.8.2019. The name ‘Zoe’ comes from Greek, which means ‘Life’ and the brand Zoe means an infusion of life into jewelry.

The launch took place in Jewel One showroom in Gandhipuram in the presence of Dhian Srinivasan, Director, Muthukumar, AGM-Operations, Jewel One.,Vijay, Area Sales Manager and Vasudeva Rao, Manager, Marketing, Jewel One.

This particular line of jewelry is aimed at the millennial generation which loves to wear jewelry that is simple still remains a class apart.  This generation wants something new and Platinum has been the choice of the youth who prefer such taste in jewelry.

But since platinum without a diamond would feel like a cake without a cherry on top, the R& D of Emerald Group has come up with the Zoe line of platinum jewels which will have Swarovski – a kind of crystal that can take the same cuts a valuable diamond would wield. Swarovski gives that same rich feel a diamond studded Platinum jewel would give.

Talking about Swarovski, Dhiaan Srinivasan, Director, Jewel One said that for a diamond, its ability to reflect light in a elegant manner is a valuable trait and Swarovski could do that. It can have the same look while not compromising on the satisfaction the wearer would get when he wears a diamond ring. Jewel One is introducing Zoe line of platinum jewelry with 200 designs. The jewels’ range starts from Rs.10,000 (excl. of GST)

When asked whether customization is given to the customers, Dhiaan said that Jewel One’s core strength is offering customization to its clients. He said Swarovski stones could even be studded in silver jewels. Zoe line of jewelry is being made available first in Jewel One showrooms in Coimbatore and Pondicherry and it will be introduced to other Jewel One showrooms later.