SRIOR promotes Tobacco Awareness

Animated Videos about ill-effects of tobacco usage launched

Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Oncology & Research (SRIOR) , for the past 16 years has been spreading awareness about the ill-effects of Tobacco Usage and why people must avoid tobacco at all cost.

In connection with the World No Tobacco Day that was observed on 31.5.2019, SRIOR launched animated videos on Tobacco Awareness in English and Tamil, for the first time in India.

K.Rajamani, District Collector, Coimbatore was the Chief Guest. The event was presided over by D.Lakshminarayanasamy , Joint-Managing Trustee, SNR Sons Charitable Trust.

Dr.P.Guhan, Director, SRIOR in his address said people who come to hospital because of tobacco-related health issue arrive after the tobacco usage has affected their vitals. People, especially women in the rural sides get affected due to the lack of awareness. He mentioned that 35% of people that includes seniors, women and children get affected because of second-hand smoking.

This year, SRIOR through the support of SNR Sons Charitable Trust has taken up this task of launching the videos that are in the dedicated website for the public to watch. He also stated that SRIOR has a dedicated van that will play these videos in public places. There will be a dedicated counseller who will accompany the van to screen for oral pre malignant lesions.

Talking at the event, D.Lakshminarayanasamy, conveyed that SRIOR , since 2003 has been conducting exhibition, distributing pamphlets, organizing cancer awareness camps to disseminate the symptoms, treatment and preventive measures aimed to reduce the incidents of death due to cancer. He said through the free pediatric cancer ward, a myriad of children suffering from cancer are being treated freely and an amount of Rs.12 crore has been spent on their health needs while offering food for them and their attenders freely.

His message to people reflected that Cancer is cruel and it affects the smoker and his surroundings. “If you find someone smoking in your circle, tell them You are not smoking the cigarette, the cigarette is smoking you

The Chief Guest K.Rajamani said around the globe, the world is observing World No Tobacco Day, today. This conveys the seriousness of the ill-effects tobacco causes. “This health issue is what we created on our own . Youngsters who are our stars of hope have enough knowledge of the vicious nature of tobacco yet they take the smoke in” He said initiatives such as the one taken by SRIOR are the ones the world needs and everyone needs to unite to put an end to this threat.