Are you a brave Tamil Woman? Apply for Kalpana Chawla Award   

The Government of Tamil Nadu now welcomes applications for a prestigious award that is exclusively given to women of the state – The Kalpana Chawla Award.

Every year, this award is given for Courage and Daring Enterprise that is exhibited by a woman of Tamil Nadu. The award will be presented by the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu,during the upcoming Independence Day Celebrations of this year. The Kalpana Chawla Award carries a cheque for Rs.5 lakhs and a Medal.

In 2018, I.Muthumari of Coimbatore received this award for expressing sheer gallantry in chasing away a leopard that attacked her daughter.

Muthumari’s 11 year old daughter Sathya was attacked by a leopard and it tried to drag her. The child in pain and shock shouted for her mother who out of love and care, sprung in to rescue her daughter with a help of just a wooden log.

Muthumari did this all on her own and for her act of valor, she was given the Kalpana Chawla Award last year. So if you know a woman who is a native of Tamil Nadu and has done brave deeds that deserve a shot at this prestigious award, all that needs to be done is attach a comprehensive bio-data and application with all relevant particulars and supporting documents and send it to the Principal Secretary to Government, Public Department, Secretariat, Chennai-600009, on or before 30.06.2019.

The Awardee will be selected by a Selection Committee, constituted by the Government of Tamil Nadu.