Earn ethically, help others& live a meaningful life – M.K. Surappa at Sri Shakthi Institute

The 9th year Graduation Day of Sri Shakthi Institute of Engineering and Technology was celebrated recently.  M.K. Surappa, Vice-Chancellor, Anna University, Chennai and K. Periaiah,IPS; IGP, West Zone, Coimbatore were invited as Special Guests of the graduation.

M.K.Surappa in his address said, “Digital Technology plays a vital role in the future generation. This field contributes greatly in the field of Nano Technology and Medical Field. Student should focus on the technological researches that provide solution for Society needs.  Robotics and Artificial Intelligence have greater scope. Earning money alone will not yield a peaceful and happy life. Money earned should be from ethical means and should be helpful for others. We need to give equal priority in spending time with family and friends. We have to lead a meaningful life.”

Periaiah, IPS; in his address said “Indian youth possess the technologically advanced skills in the world. This strong and powerful energy should be utilized to focus on the national growth. Students should continuously enhance their caliber and skills. This vital energy should be productive rather than spending time on social media/mobiles. Understanding the vital force will create great success and achievement. Learning should not be limited for examinations and employment. Learning has to be focused more on self-development. Parents and Teachers priority contributions relies on identifying and nourishing the individual talents.”

471 students received their graduation certificates. College Chairman S. Thangavelu, Principal S. Prakash, Secretary Deepan Thangavelu, and Vice President Sheelan Thangavelu were part of the celebration. College students, Professors, and Parents joined the memorable occasion.