PSG Polytechnic College conducts Diploma Award Ceremony

The Diploma Award Ceremony of PSG Polytechnic College was held on 25.5.2019 at the Quadrangle of PSG Tech. R.Rudramoorthy, Principal, PSG Tech acted as the president of the ceremony. G.Somasundaram, South Zone Head, IL &FS Clusters, Bengaluru was the Chief Guest. B.Giriraj, Principal, PSG Polytechnic College welcomed the gathering.

The Chief Guest in his addressed congratulated the students and appreciated the support given to them by their parents. He said the education they have received at PSG gives them the power to change themselves and the society as well.

“You need to improve yourself as an individual first, then you should strive to better your parents’ quality of life. Next you must contribute to your educational institution and then to the industry you work for and eventually to the society at large. Do all this and your life becomes whole”, the Chief Guest said.

He requested them to give back to the society as they are empowered with definitive education and discipline of highest order. Following his speech, 14 first rank holders in various disciplines were honored with proficiency award and medal. Totally 488 diploma holders received their Diploma certificates from the Chief Guest.