WileyNXT learning programs launched in Cbe

Wiley a global leader in research and education, has announced a series of blended learning programs in India under the umbrella brand WileyNXT.

The programs were designed in consultation with the Wiley Innovation Advisory Council (WIAC), a group consisting of senior industry leaders and academia.Certifications through WileyNXT will provide students and professionals with better access to new-tech jobs as well as expertise in critical thinking and problem-solving which have been identified as major gaps for organizations.

WileyNXT will launch two programs for engineering graduates and one for professionals upto 3 years of work experience. The first is a three-month Accelerator Program targeted at final year students preparing for campus placements as well as experienced professionals who intend to give a fast track to their career.

The second is a four-year Integrated Program that will run in parallel to the college curriculum and augment the university degree. This Integrated Program will be taught through a contextual learning model that draws on the student’s own experiences and will supplement the conceptual learning provided by the college.

During the programs, the candidates will go through rigorous training in in-demand and future technologies as well as enhanced problem-solving, analytical and critical thinking skills. The four-year program will be free in the first year with students who qualify able to enrol in subsequent years for a nominal fee.

The WileyNXT programs will be available in three different modules – Java full stack, Machine Learning and Data Engineer. Features of this course include the WileyNXTself-assessment credit system, live assessment, e-book library from Wiley’s range of best sellers, respective simulators for each program and over 500 business problems for students to use.

For more details visit www.wileynxt.com or kindly email us directly at support@wileynxt.com