Cholera spreading in East Africa, 1000 affected

On March 14, a severe Cyclone called Idai hit the nation of Mozambique in East Africa. The city of Beira was hit harder. The cyclone destroyed the livelihood of the citizens and it has also caused the spread of Cholera. During such a time, one person has died due to the water borne disease while more than 1000 people are battling it.  World Health Organization has assured of sending 9,00,000 vaccine doses to the affected areas.

More than 700 people have died in the African Nations of Mozambique,Zimbabwe and Malawi due to the cyclone and many are threatened due to the spreading of cholera. Beira is the worst affected area.

Along with the UN, China and USA are joining hands in providing relief materials and vaccines but it is feared that as the flood water goes back, the death count could go up. While these nations are recovering very badly from the cyclone, cholera is eyeing to take lives.