Pope honors Nun who helped deliver 3000 babies

Pope Francis recently honored Sister Maria Concetta Esu, an 85 year old nun and an obstetrician who has helped the pregnant women in Central African Republic deliver babies for almost 60 years. Sister Maria is a missionary in Africa. The Pope is the supreme leader of Roman Catholic Christendom and he honored Sister Maria with the prestigious Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice Medal.

This woman has dedicated her life to the service of church and humanity and she was highly appreciated for it.

The Pope after according her with the honor said it is a sign of the church’s “affection and gratitude for all the work you have done in the midst of our African brothers and sisters, in the service of life, of children, of mothers, of families.”

A few days ago during his visit to Loreto, a pilgrimage site in Italy, the Pope refused to permit the faithful to kiss his ring. This video went viral and drew criticism. But after that he changed it and allowed priests and nuns to kiss his ring as a mark of reverence.

Sister Maria kissed his hands in respect and honor while he bestowed the award.