Is Tesla coming to India next year? Elon Musk says so

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, Inc – a leading electric cars manufacturer in America has stated through his Twitter interaction that Tesla will come to India next year.

Tesla is known for revolutionizing the electric vehicle manufacturing and providing sustainable electric fuel solutions to their cars. Tesla Inc has built more than 12,500 superchargers and 1400+ supercharger stations around the world so that their electric vehicles can travel hassle free,  far and wide avoiding the hurdles to find a fuel station.

The price of charging a vehicle is also significantly low when it is compared with how non-Tesla vehicles(traditional petrol/diesel vehicles) spend. Tesla’s Charging stations derive power through the massive solar installations that Tesla is known to be a pioneer in.

At present 85-90% of USA has Tesla Inc’s Superchargers around the corner while the Middle-East is getting significant growth. Tesla saw India and China as its potentially profitable markets as both the nations are in dire need of an alternative to the petrol/diesel powered vehicle system because of the mammoth sized air pollution they have caused.

       Due to some technical difficulties, Tesla could not land in India. China on the other hand invited Tesla with open arms and now has a $ 5Billion Tesla plant there. So while Elon Musk was sharing his announcements about the next ambitious supercharger route from London to Beijing via Twitter, Shubham Rathi, a 25 year old Twitter user from Maharashtra who goes by the Twitter ID:  @shurathi17 asked Musk when can he expect his Tesla to be India.

The billionaire tech-wizard expressed his love in coming to India by this year itself or if that is hindered in any way, his company would definitely be there next year (2020). India really needs Tesla (If not specifically Tesla then innovations such as Tesla)